Perpetual Fun & Learning

3-D-ball-puzzleAll children benefit from playing with a variety of toys to enhance their development. Each time a child interacts with a different toy they have an opportunity to learn and grow through play. The Toy Library of Central Florida provides families with a wide range of toys, games, puzzles and books to spark  interest and imagination. As a member of the Toy Library of Central Florida, your child  will receive an uniquely engaging and stimulating box of treasures each week. Imagine the assortment of toys your children will have the opportunity to play with each year.  Both children and parents benefit from perpetual fun and learning through the Toy Library of Central Florida.  Join today.

Our Mission is to strengthen families through education and the sharing of community resources here in Central Florida.

We envision a community where parents are encouraged to support each through the perpetual sharing of resources, knowledge and time.

Toy Library of Central Florida

perpetual fun and learning . . .